ScarfaceCaution: This one is nothing short of reality T.V. material.

I would like to introduce you to someone I endearingly like to refer to as Scarface.  No, I am not referring to Al Pacino and the movie.  Why you might ask do I refer to him as such.  Well the short story is, he had a huge scar on his face that ran from his ear to his mouth.  How did he get it?  Let me paint the picture.

Say hello to my little friend…

We did not meet at the club, no, but on the street right outside the club.  Yes, you know where the guys who were not so lucky or ballsy enough inside the club hang out and wait for the really drunk girls to come out to hit on them, giving it their last go at getting lucky.  Well that night I was not the drunk girl, I was the driver and my girlfriends and I were walking back to my car.  When Scarface approached us, he and his friend, and asked if he could walk me back to my car.  I said “No,” and he said “Why?” to which I replied, “because I really do not want to be bothered tonight.”  He asked if he could get my number, and to just get him away from us, I gave it to him.  I know, not a good plan on my part, but he seemed harmless enough, and during this time I would give guys my number to get them off my back so they would leave me alone.  Not the best defense, but most of the time it worked.  And later when they would text, I would just ignore them and they eventually would get the hint – eventually.

However for some reason, Scarface did not get the hint and was very persistent in his pursuit.  I finally succumbed and told him I would go out with him.  We set up a day and time to meet at a local bar.  The night of the date I was early (very unusual for me) and he was really late, almost 45 minutes!  I should have left, but the benefit of the doubter I am, I waited.

He finally came.  We sat at the bar, he bought the first round and second one was on him too—pulling out hundreds every time to pay.  I really didn’t think anything of it at the time.  We were making small talk, the typical first date conversing.  After the third and final round of drinks, things got real.  I normally am not the bold type to ask someone point blank how they got the scar on their face, but that night I was and I did.

So the story goes…

He was a hustler, in the literal sense of the word; “was” being the operative word here.  He set up a weed operation that crossed state lines.  He had set ups in many of the colleges all over the United States.  He didn’t divulge too much in the details, but for some reason I could tell he was telling the truth.  One night he ran into a friend of his from back in the day.  They chit-chatted about this and that catching up a bit and then went on their separate ways, he thinking nothing of it.  Well, later that night he ran into the same friend.  However, this time his friend was hyped up on PCP and told Scarface the reality of the situation.  PCP guy was really jealous with the sudden success and money Scarface had- like very jealous.  Scarface feeling something was wrong,  began to create some distance, not turning his back on the situation. It wasn’t but minutes later that his friend pulled out a sawed off shotgun and shot him.  Scarface fell to the ground and his friend left him for dead.  While he was bleeding to death on the street, his friend went home, killed his aunt, and then killed himself.

At this point, I was three drinks in and speechless.  I sat there in awe of the story he just told me. I could not believe it!  Now, you are probably thinking to yourself, run away—run away fast!  But not me, noooo, I was fascinated!  He even told me he still had some of one of the buck shots from the shotgun lodged in his cheek.  Which of course I felt!  After this, I brilliantly decided it was a great idea to hop in the car with him and go back to his place.  Hey, I never said I made the smartest choices!—and besides the story gets even juicier from here. We pulled off the freeway somewhere south from where we had been.  I had never been in this part of town before and my gut was starting to tell me this was a bad idea. We came to a 4-way intersection and stopped at the red light.  This is where he impressively told me that this intersection was dubbed, “the four corners of death!”  To say the least I was not impressed.  This is the part of the scary movie where you in the audience are saying—she is so stupid!  Across the intersection we pulled into a gas station on one of “the four corners of death.”  He needed to get some cigarettes, but not before telling me that this is where a lot of the drug dealers hang out at night and sell crack.  At this point I am thinking to myself, “Man, I am totally going to die tonight!”  But that was more in the back of my mind.  It wasn’t like I felt super unsafe.  After this stop, we made it to the house.  If this date was not already weird enough, walking into this house made it that much more.  It was dark, and the only light was coming from this huge fish tank and a T.V. that was on in the corner.  I met his mom; apparently this was her house—awesome!  She was getting ready to go on a hot date, or so she told me.  At one point she asked me if I could help her choose between two outfits, and so I did.  Sitting there helping his mom pick an outfit, I felt as if I entered the Twilight Zone!  I thought “Is this really happening right now?!”  After his mom left, there was this cute fluffy little puppy that came out of nowhere, and me being the animal lover I am, I picked it up and started to cuddle with it.  I was sitting on the couch with my new best pup friend, when some people stopped in.  Scarface greeted them with a hand jester and that “bro” hug.  They pulled out some cash and he pulled out some weed.  Sitting on the couch with the fluffy puppy in my lap, my jaw dropped.  I just witnessed my first drug deal.  At the end of the couch opposite of me some little skinny guy looked over at me, smiling and nodded. Well, if I hadn’t already gotten the hint—finally—that it was time to go, that was the big slap in the face I needed to get myself out of there!  I stood up, asked him to take me back to my car and to my surprise he did.  As I drove home that night alone, I thanked the gods that nothing happened to me!  That could have gone in a much different direction, which I am sure as hell glad it did not!  This could have ended badly, but I came out of it unscathed, well for the most part that is.

I learned a pretty important lesson that night, one of many in fact.   However the major one that stood out the most was—when it comes to this dating hustle, DO NOT date a real life hustler!!!