Now and Then…An Introduction

Now and Then


It all started in the 9th grade…I wrote a note that read—“Will you go to  the Winter Banquet with me? If yes, call me tonight.”  I put my number  on the bottom of the note and slipped it into his locker.  That night I  itched with anticipation for him to call me.  Low and behold he did, and  he said YES!  It was probably a 5 minute conversation that was pretty  much a blur in bliss.  I hung up and danced around the house singing “He  said yes, he said yes!”  My mother, confused at what I was going on about,  asked “What are you talking about?”  I told her my tale with a huge grin  on my face, to which she quickly said, “I’m sorry, you cannot go with him,  you will have to tell him no.”  I quickly threw a fit, which in return got me  sent me to my room.  The next morning I woke up and begged her, with tears in my eyes, to please let me go with him to my first Winter Banquet in high school!  She simply said no again and I got in the car and cried all the way to school.  It was the longest 5 minute drive of my life! I was dreading what I had to do.  You know those nervous butterflies you get in your stomach, well mine were prehistoric size!  During the break that morning at school, behind the cafeteria (where else), I broke my devastating news to him—I could not go because I asked him and he did not ask me.  If he was quick on his feet, he would have turned it right around and asked me right then and there, but alas, he did not and I was left going to my first Winter Banquet of my high school career with my older brother and his date—talk about your third wheel.  How embarrassing!!!

You may wonder why my mom was so harsh with me.  Well, I grew up in a very traditional home where girls simply did not ask boys out; that was the “boy’s job.”  But as my mother can attest, I have always done things differently and this was nothing new.  Over the next several years I continued to test the house rule and asked a couple more boys out, always having to go back and tell them, I could not go out with them simply because I had asked them out; none of them getting the clue. You may wonder why I didn’t just lie and tell my mom that they asked me out.  Well, by that time my mom figured out my M.O. and would always ask me flat out if I had asked them or if they had asked me?  I could not lie; no seriously I am terrible at it—I start to giggle and get all sorts of awkward, and she knew this too, so alas, she always knew what I was up to.

Now…An Introduction

Do you remember those days in elementary school when the boy passed you a note asking you if you liked him…mark the box yes or no?  Man, those days were simple!  I bet you it would take all the guessing out nowadays if we would just be bold and ask that simple question.  But alas, it is not so and I am now 31 years old, soon to be 32, and single.  In the eyes of society, I am way past my “prime” as it were and should have been hitched many moons ago.  My first boyfriend would tell you that this is all my fault, and if I would have listened to him, things would have been very different.  True, yes, but not really.  After I broke up with him when I was 25, I re-entered the dating world.  These stories are my experiences in this dating game I like to call—The Dating Hustle.

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