Bros before hoes: The saga continues

photo (18)Part II:

After that bro chose his bros too many times, we started to drift a part.  He, going his way and me, going the same way chasing after him. Now, I know what you are thinking because I am thinking the same thing friends!  I would like to say that it only gets better from here; however one night left me in a very sticky situation.

I was headed out with my girlfriend for a night of dancing and fun.  I had started to talk to a new guy and things seemed like they were looking up for me.  We were headed to a spot in the beach area of my town where there is always something going on.  My friend and I were going to hit up one club first—say happy birthday to a friend and then the plan was to meet the new guy at another spot for the rest of the night; it was going to be our first hang out time.  Yeah, what an amazing date that was going to be!  He with all his friends around and me with my friend; why did I even agree to this!?  But the plot thickens…

When I was at the first club, the bros before hoes hustler “randomly” sent me a text.  It’s like they have a built in radar alerting them that when the girl they don’t want to lose but they still put to the side has an opportunity to move on from them; an alarm goes off and tells them “you better contact her, because you are about to lose her!”  I don’t know how they know, but they always do and it drives me nuts!

So this is how it went down. He sent me a text asking what I was doing.  I, being the incredibly smart girl I am, tell him that I am at this club and about to go to this other spot soon after.  In my head, this was a good idea; I was going to make him jealous!  Well in his head that is not what he was thinking.  And how do I know, well, I will tell you here soon enough.

After that I didn’t hear from him again. I thought I proved my point and shut him up with my brilliance.  My friend and I left the first club and made our way over to the spot where I was supposed to meet the new guy for our first “date.”  As my friend and I were standing in line to get into the bar, I receive a text from the bros before hoes hustler and what does it say?!  “I see you…”  Um, can you say creepy!!  Cause I can!  I text back with one word “What?”  and he then responds “look up.”  Well low and behold he was walking across the street with one of his boys towards me!  Holy moly—what the hell was I going to do?  Here I was meeting this new guy for our “first date” and up walks my old flame!?!  OMG!  At this point my girlfriend looks at me and sees the panic on my face.  She then sees him walking up and gives me the look like “oh girl, things just got real!”  I honestly never thought in my wildest dreams, ok, well maybe there, but certainly not in my normal dreams that this fool would show up!  That was not his M.O.  But as I said before, it’s like they know when they are about to lose you.

He gets in line with us and we get up to the front where they are checking I.D.’s.  At this point my heart is pumping like a speed racer!  I don’t know what to do or how to even explain this!  Luckily though, I haven’t seen the new guy yet, so I have a little time to figure out what the hell I am going to do next.  My friend and I get into the bar but the bros before hoes hustler and his friend don’t because their pants are too baggy.  My heart skips a beat and I think finally lady luck is on my side!  Well wishful thinking my friends because right after that thought pops in my head, I get a call from my date inside asking where I am at.  Well isn’t this a pickle!  I tell him I am outside, and he quickly says that he will be right out and before I could protest, hangs up the phone.  I turn to my friend and whisper some not so ladylike words and out comes my date.  And what happens next?!  Well…he gives me a hug and while he is doing that he sees my old flame, quite literally pushes me out of the way and yells “hey, what’s up man?!” and b-lines it toward him.  They do there whole bro handshake and male greeting ritual and I am left in the background dazed and confused thinking “what just happened!?”

So here is the short of it.  My old flame knows my new date from years playing on the same football team in the Marines.  Yep, they were old buddies from days past.  Can you say small world, because that is what I was thinking too! As I stood there on the sideline in shock, I watched as they conversed with one another.  I honestly did not know how I was going to get out of this one!  Every time I moved in next to my old flame, Mr. New Guy would block me from getting closer and every time I moved in next to Mr. New Guy, old flame would block me from getting closer.  Well fine then!  I will just stand to the side!  As this was going down, Mr. New Guy’s friend comes out, sees what’s going on and walks over to me.  He starts asking me questions and I tell him the situation.  He couldn’t believe it either!  And then if you could believe it he starts to hit on me.  Well, quite honestly that was too much to handle for one night!  What is it with guys and thinking with one part of themselves and not their head! I mean, come on!

After about 20 minutes, yes 20 MINUTES!—of the chit chat, Mr. New Guy asks my old flame, what he is doing here?  He answers nonchalantly and tells him he was just out and ran in to me randomly, that we are old friends.  Well I think Mr. New Guy won’t fall for that, but he responds with equal nonchalant-ness, ‘cool’.  Excuse me, WHAT?! I am so confused!  After that, Mr. New Guy comes over and asks what am I going to do?  I honestly don’t know!  But I make a quick rash decision, and say I am going to hang out with the bros before hoes guy.  I know!! It was a stupid move, especially after all I have been through with him, but alas—the heart wants what it wants, or so Selena Gomez says.

I end the night at some Hookah lounge with my old flame, my friend and his friend.   The waitress passes us and mentions how cute of a couple we make—I just role my eyes.  I text the guy I was supposed to be on a date with telling him how sorry I am, and his response is at least nice, but very brash, basically saying that this is not going to work out.  Which I concur with completely; I made the decision to go with my old flame and that clearly stated to him that he was not my first choice.

In the end I realized that this was my first experience of being the one who was the player verses the one being played.  Although I didn’t even mean to have it go down like that, it did give me the notion of maybe I could be good at this and end up getting what I wanted in the end.  Little did I know a player is much different than a hustler and to become that is much more difficult than I had ever imagined.

Tune in next week for the finale of this three part series, and see who the player is and who gets played!  In the meantime, keep hustling darling!